The Firm

mbtlawfirm about-usOur Mission is to personably represent our clients to the highest standard and get the best possible outcome, while maintaining professionalism in their time of need. Marku, Beno & Tsamblakos was founded on the principle to set a high standard for handling personal injury, divorce, real estate and immigration cases in New York. The Attorneys at Marku, Beno & Tsamblakos remain attentive to your personal needs and requests. With a combined experience of 32 years and a high success rate, we possess the tools to get the results you want. Here at Marku, Beno & Tsamblakos we take pride in our track record, which is filled with countless victories. In addition, our legal assistants are highly qualified, and constantly innovating to provide the most professional and efficient service possible to the attorneys and clients of the firm. The rights of our clients is of utmost importance and therefore we maintain a strict policy regarding confidentiality. In addition to personal injury and immigration cases, Marku, Beno, & Tsamblakos handles matters involving real estate including residential and commercial closings, uncontested divorces, wills and commercial transactions including contracts, incorporations and related business matters.

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